Jetblade - Hydro Flight System

We have been shipping these for about eight months. Getting a great global reception. We call it the Jetblade, it attaches to a jet ski and uses the force of the water thrust to fly. We developed it in Rhino and was on a very fast track to development of less than five months to market. Previously we had built the X-Jetpack, also in Rhino, so an experience and production base was established.

These were the initial production renders in Flamingo.

A matched photo with a Flamingo render spliced in for the first website release.

The actual product. The black pods were retooled for additional floatation by going back into the Grasshopper creation macro/script. This allowed us to retool a rotomold with a re-design time of one day and three weeks to get new production floats.

We were pleased in this process that there was so little surprise in the actual product, the renderings and visualizations were very close to the reality.

Pro rider Ben Merrell showing what the Jetblade is capable of!

What is a new sport without inversions? Ben Merrell in Dubai.

Double backflip.

Our signature technical style renders done in Rhino

More info at
new video from last week:


This is amazing on a lot of different levels. Well done!

Tremendous achievement in may ways, congratulations :+1:

Incredible :slight_smile: If someone just described that to me, my reaction would be “Yeah, right”. The vids prove me wrong!

What an achievement!

You should sell them to maintenance workers on oil rigs. I don’t think you’d have any trouble getting them to go to work…


Awesome product! I’ve seen videos on this and thought it was incredibly cool. Even more so, knowing it was developed using Rhino and Grasshopper!

Friggin Awesome!!!

Great images and product presentation- thanks for sharing. It’s amazing to see the variety of Rhino uses…

Can’t help to bring up a bit OT clip of the ‘older brother’ of Jetblade:

Jetlev, distance ancestor :smiley: , the older brother of the Jetblade, the X-Jetpack has never failed that spectacularly, on camera. :slight_smile: