Ivy not downloadable from Food4Rhino


I tried downloading Ivy PlugIn from Food4Rhino on my PC at work, but the download link seems to be broken, it never loads the actual links and is stuck on the spinning wheels.

Other PlugIn pages can display their links, so I’m not sure if this is a problem with F4R or Ivy…

Also pinging @nejur and @cecile for visibility.


This happens randomly and we are working on fixing the issue.
We cannot reproduce the error here though so it’s hard to find the origin. Which browser are you using? Could you try from another browser and let me know if it makes any difference?



Hi @cecile , thanks for getting back to me so quick!

I used chrome and tested now with edge, too but that also does not work.

On both browsers, the Pufferfish PlugIn for example, succeeds in loading the download link.

Hi @cecile ,

just wanted to follow up that after refreshing a few times, it now just happened to work.

Thank you very much for the feedback, I confirm that at some point in my tests Download buttons and Comments kept loading and after some refresh they cam back as well. Hope we can fix this issue quickly.