Food4Rhino search broken

No matter what you search in food4rhino it brings you to the first browse page in alphabetical order.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for reporting this issue, I could reproduce the error and our web developper will have a look at it as soon as possible.

Best reagrds,

Thanks it seems search works now.

Today I noticed that now you cannot download anything from Food4Rhino, it just asks you to log in even though you are logged in already.

Also it doesn’t let you rate anymore, just shows you the current rating in stars - but also the number of votes is missing.

Lastly it gives you access to edit comments which are not your own

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I am also facing the same problem. I logged in but unable download. It was asking me to login again.

We are still investigating what caused the problem but everything seems to be working again.

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Thanks, seems fine now

Yeah thanks all fine