Issues with Printing with Adobe PDF(Destination)

I used to have Windows 7 with rhino 5 which can allow me to print with ADOBE PDF. I recently purchased a ASUS G750J , installed Rhino 5 , using 64bit , on a Windows 8 Platform, it cant print as setting Adobe PDF at print setup.

My friends seem to not have issues with their laptop either in printing with adobe pdf.

I need a solution to this urgently as i’m not able to make use of adobe PDF which i need to.

I have installed Adobe Reader , Adobe Acrobat.

Please advice,


Although I don’t use Win 8, I would expect this to work, so then the question is why isn’t it? Here are some questions to ask to narrow the problem.

  1. Will other programs print to PDF, any program with print output (try a word processor) should? If no, Adobe is the problem, not Rhino.
  2. Is your Adobe Acrobat and older version? If so, it might not be compatible with Win 8. I had an older version which worked under Win 7, but when I re-installed Win 7 at a later date with current service releases, the Acrobat would no longer install.
  3. Did something go wrong with Acrobat installing it’s print driver? Uninstall and re-install, making certain any option to make the driver available to all applications is checked.
  4. Try downloading the free version of PDF995. Will Rhino print from that driver? If so, your urgent problem is solved, and the issue is Adobe, not Rhino. If not (but other applications work with PDF995), something is wrong with Rhino, I would re-install.
  5. You could also try printing from the 32 bit version of Rhino (both are installed by default).