Issues with creating closed Polysurfaces for 5 axis cnc

I cant figure out for the life of me where my issues are.

tube detail revised square edges.3dm (364.6 KB)

If you Join everything up what’s left are some tiny slivers from where your surfaces for bridging the cutouts aren’t actually connected to the edges they’re supposed to be. Replacing them with simple Lofts fixes that.

Now I’m gonna tell you a secret…the CNC genie doesn’t actually care about closed polysurfaces, CAM pre-dates the common existence of decent CAD and machining just isn’t going to make 0.002" thick slivers floating in space. It’s better to have the model actually show what you intend, of course.

The folks that are cutting these are having issues with importing my files into solidworks. I have rhino 5.

What file format are you sending them?

I imported your Rhino file into SolidWorks and none of the surfaces were joined.

I used SolidWorks knit function to join them and saved the SolidWorks 2023 file and exported a STEP file that indicates closed polysurfaces in Rhino 7

The company you sent the file to should have been able to fix this easily.
tube detail revised square edges.STEP (206.0 KB)
tube detail revised square edges.SLDPRT (163.1 KB)

Iges and stp files

I got one of the tubes to become a closed surface, I’m still trying to figure out where the other went so wrong.