Issues using colibri to iterate inputs into energy plus

Hi, I am using the colibri iterator to run through multiple inputs into energy plus using climate studio. The goal was to then use the “aggregator” widget in colibri to collet the outputs from Energy plus to create a table of that data that is easy to graph. I have to preface that there are two types of inputs for this: those that correspond to material construction, and those that correspond to glazing construction. As the data comes out of the iterator, it takes a different path to get to energy plus depending on if it is a glazing construction of material construction (see photos). The program works perfectly fine if all I am changing is material values such as facade or roof U-values. However, when the program has to iterate through values that correspond to a glazing construction, it seems as if the output gets delayed by one spot. I have included an image of a spreadsheet where everything was held constant except the glazing U-value. One can see that I have put the correct outputs for the shown inputs on the right under “Correct EUI”. The outputs the program is giving us is off by one spot, for some reason delaying every output, making every output wrong. The outputs given by the program would correspond to the inputs (for the window glazing) of 5,2,3,4, using the last output from the previous run as the first output. Let me know if anyone has any ideas!