Issue with transparent windows after update 0.8


(Sonny Weaver) #1

Hallo sir Andrew,

I noticed that with the update 0.8, when I set the “Launch Transparent Window”, now create a white background under the Tabs and the Elements into the transparent window (see the picture). Before the Update was completely transparent.

Is it something wanted?
Best Regards

(Andrew Heumann) #2

I think it’s always been this way, no? are you sure it previously showed transparent?

This should be an easy fix but I don’t have time to get to it right now

(Sonny Weaver) #3

Thanks for the quickly response Andrew.

Yes, I have multiple Human UI file, and with the 0.7.3v, the Windows are completely trasparent.

(Andrew Heumann) #4

Hi Sonny - Try this new version. The tabs will look the same by default but you’ll be able to use “Adjust Element Appearance” to set their background color to transparent. (1.0 MB)

(Sonny Weaver) #5

I thank you so much.

you are great