Issue with transparent windows after update 0.8

Hallo sir Andrew,

I noticed that with the update 0.8, when I set the “Launch Transparent Window”, now create a white background under the Tabs and the Elements into the transparent window (see the picture). Before the Update was completely transparent.

Is it something wanted?
Best Regards

I think it’s always been this way, no? are you sure it previously showed transparent?

This should be an easy fix but I don’t have time to get to it right now

Thanks for the quickly response Andrew.

Yes, I have multiple Human UI file, and with the 0.7.3v, the Windows are completely trasparent.

Hi Sonny - Try this new version. The tabs will look the same by default but you’ll be able to use “Adjust Element Appearance” to set their background color to transparent. (1.0 MB)


I thank you so much.

you are great

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Hey, could it be that this is not working anymore in the latest version?

Hallo Julian,

with the Version works!!


I just checked it and if it’s this version, then it unfortunately does not work … however I tried to reinstall it to make sure I have the latest one and it did of course not work eiter. I attached the file if you could maybe check it and tell me if it’s my machine here or something else … thx! (11.1 KB)


Hallo Julian, not work while you Launch a Transparent Window. You should to use the LaunchWindow component.


Mhm, what do you mean?

I did it exactly like in Andrew’s example above and it does not work for me.
If you tell me I should not use the “Launch Transparent Window” it won’t be transparent at all?

Sry if I don’t get it but, maye you could just briefly upload a working definition, that would be amazing.

all the best,

Yeah, I see that there’s a bug here. I just pushed a fix in version 0.8.4 to the yak package manager — I would install it from there.

Thx Andrew for the fast fix, that did the job!

I have not understood where I can find the new version.

Hi -

On Rhino 6, run the TestPackageManager command. This is a test command and won’t auto-complete. In Rhino 7 this has been promoted to a regular command - PackageManager.