Issue with Surface Difference


Hope you are all fine!

Strange issue with planes and region differences. I have a real strange one here, i have 6 walls to a house, 1 is the doorway, 2 are solid walls and the rest are with windows.

No issue for the door. But once i split the walls into 2 groups problems start as soon as the surface difference is tested. i figured it was the plane. Found the isPlanar (simple way i tried to go a complicated way which also worked until i tried to do the difference - hence i searched another way).

Here’s the model’s basis. The initial curve is just a hexagone curve.

So my issue is in the blue group, seems that the region difference module will not work (and no error and i did try flipping the inputs (i have 3 items in all inputs/outputs, flatten or reparametrize or both do not help.)

So it started working once i plug in the plane into the surface difference (which was not needed in the door section but i can’t figure out why) however now i get 3 planes x 3 (tried to simplify, flatten etc) but cannot get rid of these extra panes!

Here’s the model (simplified version from the pictures)
Hex wall (24.9 KB)

Where did i go wrong? (I want to try without paneling tool first…)

Additional questions:

  • Any advantage if I use the isometric divisions for windows positioning and sizing?
  • Should i be working with 2D contours before extruding the walls or should i extrude the walls before creating 3D elements (windows and door way) to subtract from)?

What’s the best practice?

Thanks for your help!

did you forget to internalize the geometry, kindly do so or share the rhino file too.


Hex wall (16.6 KB)

Damn, how did it loose the definition? Here is again…

Is this what you are after?

Hex wall (18.2 KB)

somehow, my model is going bananas trying to get just the part i need to show the issue… Working on it, sorry… failed demo…

Hex wall (18.4 KB)

This model is correct. Apologies for the bad ones.

Mr. A,

Yes, that solve it, Thanks!

But im perplexed how that works without the Region Difference.
I tried grafting and simplify before… it would make more wrong copies of the object…

This would also work.(refer image below). Region Difference is a little data structure sensitive- It was projecting all the scaled curve on the planes you provided.

Amazing i got lost trying to flatten more than grafting. And re-parametrize or simplify didn’t help at all actually.

It was just one graft needed. and i still dont get why i need it.

So now i have modular housing when the seas arise… :slight_smile:

Thanks for Pufferfish to make the walls and the roof super easy…

Im sure making a real architecture plan out of this is kind of out of my lifetime to learn and implement but im catching on for the next…

Now time to devise new modules to sail and feed the islands to the Bahamas… :slight_smile:

Could this ‘swarm’ navigate in high seas? That’s kind of my sci-fi idea behind this…

Now this is start!

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Woah! I knew this was well researched before but your link came in as a mindfull! Thank you!