Region Difference problem

Hi everyone,

I have a list of surfaces. I want to substract to these surfaces another list of surfaces (openings). I am using the Region Difference command but I am not getting the result I want. Does anyone know what is wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Region (112.4 KB)

when the Plane is plugged to the Region Difference (and I suggest to always do it like you did already :slight_smile: ) the component projects all the curves in A and B to that plane before making the subtraction

this causes any curve present in B (all your curves) to be subtracted from any A, and not just the ones which share the very same plane: it’s a bit like “if the curve in A was on Plane, and all the curves in B were on Plane, how would the Region Difference be?”

I think the best solution would be to create a data tree of curves which is matching in structure the data tree with surfaces, and each branch of that contains all the curves that are totally or just partially lying on that surface

Hi @inno

I did not know about the projection issue you said, thanks for that :slight_smile:

What I want is to substract all the Openings to all main surfaces. Than I suppose I have to create a first filter in order to know which surfaces share the same plane in order to avoid the projection issue. (65.8 KB)

Edit: Alternate method for comparing angles. (65.5 KB)



oh wow, this is beautiful and smart! :clap:

I was trying the same with Surface Closest Point applied on curves Area Centroid, and I was indeed failing to catch the multiple surfaces a given curve was lying on



Woow @kev.r very interesting approach, I really appreciate it! Thank you very much! Also to @inno to be interested in helping others! :slight_smile: