Issue with spin fields and 2D art

I have a definition that creates a series of spin magnetic fields, but for some reason it creates random error artefacts in the drawing. I can’t work out why it is generating it, or where it is originating from.
The image below shows the error , which matched the saved state of the grasshopper file (also attached).

Pattern (11.2 KB)

Any insight or help would be great.

the small artifact you see on top left is the Field Line of the Merged Field of your Point Charges Fields only

I don’t know if this is what you are after, but the Merge Field component generates two different fields on two different branches:
field A at [0;0] as all point Charges merged together, and
field B at [0;0;0] as all Spin Forces merged together
I’m pretty sure when you plugged the field wires into the Merge Field component, you first plugged the Point Charge, then you added the Spin Force as second connection

when the fields lines are evaluated, they generate:
→ first branch [0:0] as evaluation of field at [0;0] with points at [0;0;0], followed by
→ the evaluation of field at [0;0;0] with all the remaining branches of points from [0;0;1] until [0;0;106] (last one which of course becomes [0;0;105] )

so the field you are actually evaluating and appreciating is the Merged Field of all the Spin Forces, while the artifact you are not liking on top left is an 8-points evaluation of the Merged Field of all the Point Charges
indeed, by just disabling the Point Charge field completely, the “artifact” disappears :slight_smile:

[edit] if you want to evaluate all the fields merged together in a single one, in this particular case you should flatten the input of Merge Fields, so they will generate just one field


Thank you very much, I just needed someone else eyes to have look!
muchly appreciated!

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