Issue with lofting two closed curves


I am trying to loft between two closed curves, but I am getting weird twists in the result. I have been looking online what the issue might be but couldn’t find anything and hoped someone here might be able to help. Below is a screenshot, if code is requested I can add it.

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Ivor Brouwer

Try the align option in the settings.

And post a file with the relevant input geometry internalized.

Thanks for responding, attached is the file!

Loft test (11.0 KB)

Does it have to be solved in Grasshopper?

Sweep2 in Rhino creates an ok result I think…

Do you want to join this surface with other geometry?

sweep2.3dm (1.2 MB)

Use “Rebuild NonUniform” And fix it.

Why should anyone have to request code? :man_facepalming:

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

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It is done in grasshopper since one line is calculated from the other and the process has to be done 100’s of times, I tried sweep2 in grasshopper aswell but it had the same problem.

Since it’s a process I have to do very often I would like to find a solution in GH or is Rebuild NonUniform something i can do in GH aswell? Thanks for the reply.

Since I was not even sure if it was needed, thanks for the welcome.

Second guessing the recommended policy is flirting with being ignored.

So what is the other geometry? I think we have to start further back than with just the two edge curves…

It might have to do with the blend curve components I use earlier in the file.
Loft test (22.6 KB)

what’s before the curves in this latest definition?

Actually, sweep2 works nicely if you add a few section curves. (32.9 KB)