Issue with importing Blocks containing Text into a Layout

I’m trying to create a block that contains text (sometimes linked to the Layout Properties or the Document Properties) to use for creating Layouts. It works fine if I import it into some drawings that already exist and should look like this:

However, if I try to insert this block via Libraries into the Layout of a new, empty file, the text is missing:

It looks the same when I open the file of the block itself.

If I copy the block directly from another drawing where it is working, into an empty file, everything works and the text is showing.

Has anyone got an idea what to do to make the text show up every time?


I’ve had the same issue. It also occurs when I’m trying to link blocks instead of embedding them.


Hi -
I tried to reproduce that without success and am probably doing something somewhat different.
Could one of you post some files and steps to take?

I am having the same issue. IT seems to be related to block scaling in layout when it was created using different units in other file.


i have sent you a pm