Issue while patching a non-planar closed curve

This comes from a longer definition and after several definitions attempts without success. I found that probably (maybe) the best option to generate a mesh to fit the closed curved (in green) would be starting to generate a surface with the Patch command, but in this case it is not working as expected as it is not generating the blue area (dashed):

I can’t understand what I am doing wrong, so any comment is welcomed!
patching a non-planar (7.4 KB)


Sweep2 leads to a good result. You need section curves on at least some of the discontinuities of the two rails and the curves need to be in order.

I eliminated one point, but you probably get the idea.

Also if the rails had the same number of points, the result would be better. (13.8 KB)

Hi @martinsiegrist, thank you for your time. Your suggestion works great, however for this case I need to find a way to avoid the need to introduce section curves and I am not able to ignore some points. Actually there are some situations where I have arcs at the both upper parts of the closed polyline.
I thought that maybe minimal surfaces with Kangaroo could be an option, but I have no experience with it so any advise/ comment if it feasible would be great to have.