[issue] fillet on a closed polysurface counter-intuitive behavior


Am I wrong (or too picky) to expect all faces to be trimmed after a fillet is applied?

…and joined back to a closed polysurface

FilletEdge and selecting the original edge should result in the upper and lower surfaces being trimmed.

FilletSrf with Trim=Yes and selecting the two sides will result in a fillet and trimming of the side surfaces to the fillet, but other adjacent surfaces will not be trimmed and the fillet will not be joined to the polysurface.

FilletSrf is dumb. It only does what it is told to do and does not make any assumptions about what else the user may or may not desire.

FilletEdge is smart. It makes assumptions about what the user wants, but sometimes it is too clever and does the wrong thing.

FilletCompareDC.3dm (1.6 MB)

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If two surfaces are selected, that’s probably the expected behaviour.

And that’s a good point, most certainly when a user is willing to obtain unconventional things.

Rodolfo Santos.

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