2 polysurfaces Fillet command

Hi , i need closed 2 polysurfaces fillet command or tools. Like in VSR plugin.
Contacted 2 closed object fillet
And separate closed 2 polysurfaces .

(İ think so rhino must have a powerful a fillet command Like solidworks - catia and other softs.Rhino a great software . But fillet command not good. Sorry)
Pleas :muscle: fillet command.

  • Polysurface fillet
  • multiply fillet
  • filleted objects to add fillets
    (Bad, happened alot of issues )
  • different value edges fillet operations should be so easy ( bad)

Please post a 3dm file with the two objects you’re trying to fillet.
Also include the radius you want.

(In One fillet operation multiple polysurface faces fillet.
Mybe One value or multiple value or variable )
Please look Vsr plugin Autodesk


3dm file

Hello - the problem is most likely here:

or at other similar locations - Rhino does not know how to jump across a face that is completely eliminated by the fillets. That is just how it is… There are other tools for sorting this out, FilletSrf for example on the parts that need repair, and some trimming of course.


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