How to fillet sufaces along this line?

When I try to fillet, it tells me to select two faces to make it from, and while I hit ok, it makes just a copy without trimming the excess material. Why happens not to trim?

Which one to trim first? line 1, that goes along all the shape, or line 2?

For line 2 i believe that I can do a boolean after…

file.3dm (885.1 KB)

Thank you!


You have to Fillet the edge number 2 then edge number 1.

FilletSrf can only trim the two input surfaces if the edge of the fillet runs to the edge of the surface at both ends - it does not try to trim any but the two input surfaces. i.e. it is a surface level operation and not a ‘Solid’ operation like FilletEdge, which will try to trim the fillet surface into all of the surrounding faces of a polysurface.