Issue by creating my own sneakers

Hello eveyone,Im currently doing a tutorial to create my own sneakers in Rhino but I’m beginner. I’m stuck at the step where I need to create my sole surface. I follow the steps but when I made my “loft” with my curves it says it’s impossible and I need to take close curve or open curves

This is the link of the tuto : (PDF) Rhinoceros Advanced Training Series Shoe Design and Visualization | Stephen Kuro -

quite mess to use your download link.
and it looks like this is a quite old tutorial from 2005 ?

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Rhinoceros_Advanced_Training_Series_Shoe.pdf (4.1 MB)

… post your rhinofile and maybe a screenshot of the page, to show which step is not working.

… also check out the great power of current V8 subD tools / techniques, that do a great Job for shoes.

I managed to create my loft, but I’m encountering a lot of difficulties in making my own sneakers, which I designed. It’s the only complete tutorial that I’ve found, and yes, it’s old :confused:

I’m currently trying to maintain the accuracy of my curves. When comparing them, they appear correct in my right view, but upon checking the perspective view, they don’t seem quite right :confused: Have you some advise for me to keep me curves right ?

you can _projectToCPlane
and while drawing them use the project option.

If you re a beginner, a sneaker is maybe a quite hard challenge to learn.

maybe start here:

(there is a footwear category

kind regards - tom

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Ok thanks, projectToCPlane helps me. I want make
a sneakers because I’m drawing lot of them and I want to make them in 3D and i’m not that good in 3D :confused: I found the tutorials on footwear quite light, I don’t find my hapiness :confused:

help rhino 3_2

my surface is awful

hi @Nicolas_Alexis pls share a file with the curves you are using to generate the surfaces

SNRKS 1_4 curves.3dm (1.8 MB)

He’s there, but I think my sneaker model is too complicated for me. I need to focus on a more basic shape first. Moreover, I found this video on YouTube that seems like a gold mine, but the guy doesn’t explain what he’s doing at the same time, and it goes really fast. Plus, he’s Spanish, so I don’t understand his controls :///

Except for the part where he draws curves from the image, I’m totally lost on what he’s doing.

@Nicolas_Alexis You should leave the bottom curve somewhat flat. Also it pays of to keep the point count of the rail curves identical in structure, the same for the profile curves. then you can get a clean / simple surface that you can further manipulate:

simple_sweep.3dm (1.3 MB)

Okay thanks when I would have made my surface, what would you advise me to continue on my sneakers creation journey ?