isotrim(Subsrf) of multiple surfaces

Hi everyone, I would like to know if it is possible to divide multiple planar surface with divide domain^2 and subsrf component? I would like to divide all of them in the same way.

It seems like the subsrf component gave an output of 1250 duplicated surfaces from 25 (original no. of set surfaces) X 50 (divide domain) = 1250

So In the end there are multiple duplicated surfaces instead of only 50.

Is there any solution of alternative for this?

Thank you very much! (16.7 KB)

What you did by grafting in that way is Subdividing each surface with ALL the subdomains, 25x50=1250; that solution gives you a lot of nulls, because if a domain is out of the boundary of the surface it will “trim” nothing.
You can dispatch nulls and see you could still get your 50 surfaces:

I just changed the position of the graft and it seems to be as you need:

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Thank You very much Riccardo !!! It worked perfectly! You just saved my day :slight_smile: