Isotrim / divide surface with locked and open components. Possible?

Hello Grasshopper Community,

for our university project we would love to isotrim a surface with locked and open components.

Like this:

The locked segments should keep their wide all the time, even if you change the form of the whole surface. For example 5cm.

The open components should change their wide.

Is that possible? Or is there maybe an Addon for Grasshopper which can do the trick?

Thanks you a lot.

As far as I know, isotrim is not capable of this. I would try to reduce the problem from a surface to a line. Take the top and bottom edge of your surface and play around with the curve division, divide by length and evaluate curve components. Shatter your lines and piece them back together according to your needs. When you have the correct division points of your top and bottom surface edge, you can turn points back into lines and back into the surface. Interesting problem!