Isolating sections of large 3D elements within revit models

When working with 3D elements are there any recommendations for isolating parts of a large revit model to work on? The best I have found is the ‘selectable within view’ filter but it still ends up grabbing too many elements. Ideally there is a way I can grab only element within a 3D section box or something similar. It would also be good if this could include linked geometry.


The most similar to what you describe is combine Selectable In View Filter with BoundingBox Filter like this.
Unfortunately this only works with non linked elements.

To workaround this you will need to Query Elements into the linked documents but using a transformed version of your selection box into Linked Instance coordinates. (27.2 KB)

To do that, there is a missing component added here as a Python Script component that gives you the linked document a linked instance is referencing.

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