Isolate one object?


So i think this is probably wishful thinking but is there a way of isolating just one object ?

In a complicated job with many layers at the moment I’m constantly hiding and locking or moving to new layers components to work on. Is there a way to click, say a surface or curve or a polysurface and then isolate it ( remove from scene maybe ?) so that it is the only thing there to work on ?

Does that make sense ?



you could use a macro:

_Invert _Hide

this macro is also pre-assigned to an icon… in the Visibility palette (the one with the lightbulb), there’s an item called ‘Invert selection and hide objects’

select the object you’d like to isolate then trigger the macro.

via the popup menu:

Aah great !

Thanks Jeff thats exactly what I was after !

In case anyone comes here still looking for this - looks like v6 has an Isolate command built in that does this.


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