Isolate layer macro?

I am trying to create a macro that lets you isolate the layer the object is located on. How do I do this?

‘Isolate’ in what way? Find the name of the object layer?

isolate as in hiding everything else. In Cad there is a layiso command

So you want to turn all layers off except the layer the object is on?

I use a keyboard alias: i o = invert hide. Then I use sh for show.:sunglasses:

Hello - possibly

_-OneLayerOn _SelectObject is what you’re after?


ok will try this out!

yes, but how do i get the layers back on again?

what is the alias for invert hide?

As I said in my original post. The i o alias is a keyboard shortcut for ‘invert’ ‘hide’ so the selected object remains visible, all else disappears. The ‘sh’ is a keyboard alias for ‘show’ so everything comes back. Pretty simple.

sorry for not understanding but I can’t find the invert. Do you write ‘invert’ ‘hide’ in the command macro field?

Hello - yeah - Invert is a command, and Hide is a command, but Isolate takes care of both and is more sensible to undo (Unisolate is more specific than Show)