Isolate needs work for the undo command

I had hoped isolate would become a command where it really makes it into the undo stack but Isolate is still suffering the same problem it did in V5.
Isolate does not do well with undo and redo at some point if one does enough undos and redos the isolated objects are not listed as hidden anymore at the command line when one does the Unisolate command, one has to use the regular show or show selected command to get the objects back and that is mess defeating the purpose of this otherwise wonderful command.

I don’t know the exact sequence to get this to happen but it happens often enough that it should be looked at, I’ll keep an eye out for the exact way but it’s pretty easy to make it happen.

Was this ever added to the issue stack? Another similar problem is that if objects are isolated, and then Rhino is closed (or crashes), the Unisolate command is broken.

A simple solution might be to use the ‘User Text’ functionality to create a history for the Isolate and Isolate Lock commands?

I love the Isolate commands, but it would be great to eliminate these issues with them.

Yes here too I was hoping this would get some love.

Reviving this old thread to say this is still occurring. It’s easily reproduced in a new file:

  1. Create a few objects.
  2. Isolate one of them.
  3. Unisolate
  4. hit undo to undo step 3
  5. Try to unisolate again
  6. “No items hidden”

The pain here is that now you’ve accidentally added a bunch of items to your hidden items. You can’t separate the hidden items from the items that were only hidden because you isolated them in step 2. So, you have to go into your hidden items and unhide everything except the items that you really wanted hidden.

Command History:
Command: Isolate
2 extrusions added to selection.
Command: Unisolate
Showing 2 hidden objects.
Command: _Undo
Undoing Unisolate
Command: Unisolate
No objects are hidden.

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Hi @pascal,
This needs to be fixed, staff simply put your code into rhino without making it undoable, above is why and how this happens. Please fix this as isolate is one of my most used commands and this bug throws a wrench into the works when it appears because then you have to select things manually for visibility.
@Alexander_Kaplan gives the details of how to repeat this bug which was also in V5.

I want to tack on to this by saying: I use the hide and unhide constantly to temporarly pick out bits of my file to work on. So, while Isolate and unisolate are great helps, they always muck up my hidden/unhidden objects and I have to re-do the work of hiding stuff.