Please fix Isolate command and make it respect undo redo

You at McNeel already know isolate is a dysfunctional command and has been, please it’s time to get this command to respect the undo redo process and please fix this before V7 release. I use this command constantly and currently the only way to get around an undo redo, mistake is to copy your good modeling to the clipboard then undo everything back to the original isolate then delete the original object and paste the corrected one from the gone bad isolate modeling session.

This is why this really sucks I have tons of objects and when isolate fails it reports no hidden objects and you have to pick them out by hand or show everything. A really impossible chore if you already had tons of objects hidden before you used the command.

Me and others have already complained about this when it was released as Pascal’s generous VB script in V5, but it was left unrepaired for V6. It can’t be a hard fix can it? Seems like you at McNeel merely hard coded Pascals script along with it’s one problem and never fixed the undo redo problem.

In this command history I forgot I wanted to regroup all these objects after unisolating notice what happens when you try to go back and no I couldn’t do another isolate on those objects because they were ungrouped coming out of isolate.
Here’s a snippet of where isolate always fails.
Command: _Unisolate
One hidden object is on a layer that that is off or locked. Use the “Layer” command to turn this layer on.
Showing 578 hidden objects.
Creating meshes… Press Esc to cancel
Command: _Undo
Undoing Unisolate
8 surfaces, 2 meshes added to selection.
Command: _Group
Command: _Unisolate ( Here is where the fix needs to be)
All hidden objects are on layers that are off or locked. Use the “Layer” command to turn these layers on.
Command: _Redo
Nothing to redo.

This has already been reported so many times please fix this as it’s a killer useful command I use constantly.

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I did some testing on a related problem about a year ago. I don’t recall the reason now, but there was a specific reason for the lack of Undo support.
It had to do with Hide/Show and Isolate/Unisolate using different “buckets” to keep track of what they are doing.

The seemed pretty similar to me but they are hooked up differently for specific reasons.
Hopefully someone that knows more about them and why they are this way will chime in.

If you Hide some objects, the select and Isolate something else, run Unisolate to bring back the unhidden objects. Then Show to bring everything back.
Undo is not part of the command flow.

Hi John,
Argh I guess it is more complex than I thought. It’d be great to get this command to perfection at some point in time, please prod the gigantic brains if you have the courage. I use this command the most in complex files it’s easier to isolate than to turn on and off layers and it leaves the modeler with the exact layer structure and hidden objects upon emergence from the command. The one caveat is that darn undo glitch.
Thanks for your quick reply and for looking into the matter.