Hiding Layer of object

I am working in a file that was imported from autocad. There were many nested layers in autocad, so the names of the layer are very long and hard to understand (plus they are in spanish). Is there anyway for me to select an object and turn off its corresponding layer. Right now I have to select it, look at its layer name in the properties panel and then locate the layer in the layer panel. This is a very tedious task as finding the layers take some time.

For instance, I select a block and it says its on the sprinkler1 layer. I know I want to hide the sprinkler1 layer, but finding the sprinkler1 is difficult because it is actually named something like asdf:asdf:asdf:sprinkler1 .

Select the object and use the command: _OneLayerOff

thanks, this will save me a bunch of time

I was tinkering around with onelayeron (the opposite of onelayeroff) but how do I undo it without having to manually turn all the others on again. I kind of want to isolate the layer, make changes and then turn back on all the other layers.

is there anyway to select all objects in a layer by selecting one of the objects in that layer. I know I can go over to the layer panel and do select objects. Again, I am trying to avoid having to find the layer in the layer panel.

Hi Lawrence - for now, you can use layer states (in the Panels menu) for this, or, you can try the Isolate script here:


it has both Isolate (objects) and IsolateLayer (Unisolate, UnisolateLayer) Instructions for installation at the top of the page.

  • Pascal

The tip which Pascal mentioned the other day will find your layer in the list - this is really useful in a situation where you are faced with a pile of someone else’s layers:

Select the object
Click the hammer in layer panel;
‘Select Object Layer’ finds the layer in the list and highlights it blue, (expands the list if collapsed)
Right click the high-lighted layer,
Choose ‘Select objects’ from the list.