Is this a OffsetMultiple bug?

I am using Rhino 6 for windows Sr32
I want to make a offsetcurve of 4mm
I am certain there is one object (select all) and it is a valid closed curve (checked with anallyze)
this is the result…

Did I do something wrong?

This is the image of the top window when zoomed out

Can you post a file with just the curve? It looks pretty messy from your image, so I am not sure that you will get a good result in any case.

I send a file, did it arrive?

Yes, I got it, will reply by PM - I assume you didn’t want the file posted publicly here…

you got it right

For the public, the curve contained some arc segments vertical to the offset plane - i.e. the curve was not planar - after fixing those via SetPt, the offset works.

thanks for finding out.

Is it possible to make a offset curve with difference in z direction?

Rhino doesn’t really know what to do if the curve is not planar. Here is a simple example, similar to some of your problem areas. It’s a square, with one corner raised and a radius inserted.

Thanks for explaining