Is there any version of ELK available for Grasshopper6?

Hello,I’m a beginner in grasshopper and recently I’m trying to learn to use ELK to do some architecture analysis.But It’s a pity to see that there is no version of ELK available for Grasshopper 6 in Food4rhino.
I try to install the latest version ,2.2.2. It can be installed in Grasshopper 6 though it’s written with ‘only for version 4&5’
But I found that it only contained three components. Some components like GenericOSM missed!
But the tutorial showed that it exists and I have to use it…(lol)

Can any one be so kind to tell me what should I do?

(I’m not a native English speaker.If something I spoke is wrong or strange, forgive me)

Hi - Elk 2.2.2 works fine on Rhino 6. There are older tutorials that use the 0.x version which had more components but all functionality is still available in the 2.x version.