Is there an offline .chm documentation available for RhinoCommon SDK?

I am constantly using RhinoCommon SDK as reference when writing codes. However, it can be very inconvenient while working offline or with poor connection. I just wander whether there is a .chm file (or .pdf) available for download to use offline.

Thank you!

will McNeelSep '16


Greatly appreciated! @Tom_P

This link is not working anymore, do you know if there is a new/working link where I can get hold of the API?


sorry - for the current version i only know about the online documentation

but maybe @pascal or @dale are the right persons to ask

you might want to use adobe acrobat “create pdf from webpage” with caputer multi-level feature on same server… not sure if the result is nice. - best - tom

Hi @DavAndLar,

See the following: (17.9 MB)

Note to developers, if you add xml comments to your plug-ins and assemblies, its pretty easy to generate useful documentation using Sandcastle.

– Dale

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Thanks for the link. Does Mc Neel teams use this tool for documentation?
I use doxygen then an old Microsoft tool to generate chm.

Hi @laurent_delrieu,

We don’t produce .chms for RhinoCommon (this was an exception). But, we do use Sandcastle to produce the online help for RhinoCommon. The tool is pretty good, but it “does what it does” and we don’t have much control over what it produces. For Rhino 7, we are looking into some alternatives, including rolling our own.

– Dale

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Thank you @dale!

Hi @dale

Could I request a RhinoCommon.WIP.chm for the below link? :grinning:
RhinoCommon WIP



Thank you Will!

thank you very much for the help