Rhino Common PDF documentation

Hello, Is there a book about Rhino Common that includes and lists all functionality of the SDK. I would found useful to have a PDF version of the SDK website to print off.

No, not to my knowledge. PDF’s are static documents and once printed would be out-dated fairly soon. It’s best to refer to the API documentation online (see http://developer.rhino3d.com/api)

You can download the API from Github as .CHM and print that. But the website is very good in my opinion.

Hi menno,

I thought of a parsing java script that could convert the whole doc into pdf. Hard copy version is often more useful then online because people have chance to take notes and simply it is better to read on paper.

@will or @dan, do you know if there is something built into jekyll to publish to other formats? This seems like it may be possible to automate

I agree this would be good to automate. No, I don’t think there is anything built into jekyll, but it looks like there are plugins worth investigating. Since we’re not using jekyll for the API portion of the site, we would need some solution that could support that as well.

I’m not entirely certain what to write down as a task item for this. It sounds like @onrender wants the API portion as a single PDF. Some users - I’m imagining - might want individual pages…I imagine something like what Xamarin has in its docs on the right-hand sidebar.

It is also likely that this process will slow down build/deploy times and increase the size of the site significantly…but I’m just speculating.

Actually .chm did the job, thank you for the link.

I thought of similar than MS did on their website like this,

The GitHub link to the chm file was from an unused branch. This link will be up-to-date: http://developer.rhino3d.com/api/RhinoCommonWin/RhinoCommon.chm

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@dan, I think we can table this until we explore sandcastle’s markdown output a little further. For me, creating an SDK reference that is more integrated with the rest of the site is most valuable (and would make the Xamarin style PDF link more straightforward to implement).

I agree. This is much higher on my list.