Is there an error in the calculation of the structural mass?

My project is a steel structure pavilion, and I found that the structural mass calculated in Karamba differs greatly from the structural mass calculated in Sap2000. I have repeatedly searched for the reason, but cannot find it.
The properties defined for the mid level structural components in Karamba and Sap2000 are the same.
Version of Sap2000:24.2
Version of karamba: 1.3.3
Version of rhino:7.29

the mass of stracture .gh (287.6 KB) (520.0 KB)
the mass of stracture.3dm (4.8 MB)

Hi, have you checked that the gamma (material density) in Karamba and SAP of all your materials actually match. This can cause discrepencies in your calculations.

However when I check your columns and your braces the weights are basically the same so you should check your mesh.

Thank you for your answer.
Maybe there is a problem with my rhino model, which I am investigating now.
I have another question for you:

Best regards.

The text is simply a text output so you can convert the numbers to m and then change the units yourself into cm by manipulating the text.