Significant deformation in beams


I am using Karamba to test for feasibility of a simple structure. Despite having columns and beams between short intervals of 4m with steel s355 (upper/lower width-0.3m, height-60m,thickness-10mm), there is still significant deformation in model view as can be seen from the photo below.

Am I missing out anything?

Also, is it important to determine which beams span the whole length and which beams are joined together? If it is, how should I do that?


structural analysis.3dm (10.6 MB)
structural (42.7 KB)

Your units were not set to mm in the file and therefore the results are incorrect. As your rhino file is in mm, make sure to change the units in grasshopper otherwise it will be interpreted automatically as m
structural (65.1 KB)

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for the help.