Is there a way to preview rendering Environments?

Found an old post about adding it to the request list, but not sure if there’s a way to preview the Enviroments yet… ?


Hello - preview how? In what context exactly?


Hi Pascal -
Like a catalog or gallery, so that we wouldn’t have to actually load them into a scene to inspect them?

Hello - turn on the Libraries panel, and navigate to the Environments folder - you can set that as a favorite so it is easy to get to - does that do what you need?


Hey Pascal,

Not really - It’s hard to determine from these what the environments actually are / look like. Was hoping to find a way to use some kind of viewer. Here’s a great example. In this case you see the full image plus examples of render results:

Is there any way to easily/cleanly extract the image files for the included environments in v7?


Hello - not that I know of…

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