Is there a way to get the lines of the shaded viewport as vector output?


… I try to avoid _make2d, because it quite slow at my model and there are to much lines. The viewport lines are perfect, but I need a dashed line version of the view. So I like to export it and apply the dash line style in a vector program. How can it be done?



It can’t. Otherwise Make2D wouldn’t exist. The hidden-line viewport stuff uses a bunch of “trickery” that doesn’t actually make curves, it’s some sort of shading that looks like curves.

(Willem Derks) #3

Hi Micha,

Is it an option to export to AI?
You could import it back again and set linetype.



I hoped to find a fast direct way without the slow make2D and the needed clean up. But right, I use make2d now. I hope in the future we will see line types at the different display modes too.