Is there a way to generate a solid from a group of points or curves?


(Ibrahim Mahmoud) #1

Hello everyone,

I am trying to figure out a method in which I can generate a valid closed polysurface from a group of points or curves. Here is the example that I’m trying to use: Convert to Polysurface.3dm (11.5 MB)

Is there a way to do this through programming in c# using Rhinocommon? If not, can I do this in Rhino, and is there a way to implement that using c#?


(Menno Deij - van Rijswijk) #2

If you have your points ordered in U/V direction (that is, the points are not random but ordered line-by-line) you can use NurbsSurface.CreateThroughPoints

From curves, you should be able to use NurbsSurface.CreateNetworkSurface. There are two implementations, one with just a list of curves, and also one with U- and V-curves separated.

(Ibrahim Mahmoud) #3

Hello Menno,

The documentation for NurbsSurface.CreateThroughPoints says that it only accepts a 2D grid of points. My points are ordered, so will my points (in a 3D shape) make a closed polysurface when I run this command?

I used NetworkSurface to make the surfaces. Will it work when I want to generate a closed polysurface?


(Ibrahim Mahmoud) #4

Hello Menno,

I just realized I misunderstood the meaning of 2D grid with the creating a surface through points. By 2D grid it was referring to the list of points rather than a two dimensional plane that contains a grid of points. I was able to make it work, however I still don’t see how I can use it to generate a closed polysurface.


(Dale Fugier) #5

Looking at your file, it appears you are generating a number of intersecting surfaces. It is not clear to me how you’d make a close polysurface out of this just using Rhino. Perhaps you can post an image or a model that you are trying to generate…

(Ibrahim Mahmoud) #6

This is a polysurface I meanually created from the grid of points I made.

solid.3dm (138.8 KB)