What is the RhinoCommon method for SrfPtGrid? Rhino Student Needs Help!

I came across a phenomenal command the other day: SrfPtGrid. I tried finding the C# command for it, but the closest thing I got was AddSrfPtGrid() in RhinoScript (which I don’t use) and CreateThroughPoints() (which doesn’t allow me to specify which points are a row of u points). Is there another method that I’m not aware of, or is there a way to make my own SrfPtGrid method in C#, or is this the right command? If it’s the right command, then how can I specify a single row of u points and not have it figure it out on its own?

I should add: a row of u points may not be planar, and the whole point set is not 2 dimensional.

If none of that made sense, my end goal is to generate a 3D array of points (I already made the code for that), then (using C#, and without using Patch or NetworkSurface) generate the desired surface through it. Some point sets may not have static u or v values, so this command may not work; I’m just looking for a way to generate a surface from any 3D of points without using Patch.

You need the NurbsSurface.CreateThroughPoints method, and give the list of points in consecutive rows, or consecutive columns to affect the orientation of U and V.