Function to points to single surface

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My problem is that I´d like to convert the points I get from the 3 log functions to a single surface. I already did the same with mesh and it did work properly. Now if I use the component “Surfacefrompoints” the edges of the surface are not as clean as the mesh one.

What I need: a 100% perfect SURFACE of these 3 functions… So is it easier to make a single surface out of the mesh or should I continue to work with the points?

Pictures attached.
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Here the grasshopper (15.9 KB)

Had a go and converted all the points to nurbs curves and then lofted them, it seems to do the same thing as your srf grid example. The degree of Nurbs curvature determines how the surface will fit to the points, in the animated gif the slider is shifting from 1 degree to 7 degree curvature. I have tried rebuilding the surface with more control points, but it does not fit any better

  • note the 1 degree surface is actually a polysurface…

thanks, arkadius (15.6 KB)

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Hey it´s still a open polyface… tried out new things… Could you help me to make that a closed surface? (8.3 KB)


Hi mate,

it should be an open polysurface, as it is uncapped and has no inner areas.

Where degree = 1, it will be an open polysurface
where degree = 2 or greater, it will be an open nurbs surface, or untrimmed surface.



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