Is there a switch/toggle to automatically cap an extruded curve?

I think it cumbersome having to cap a curve extrude very time. I understand there are times where keeping an extrusion open is necessary. However, If I know I’m going to be making a lot of odd shapes to extrude and they will need to be capped, an on/off toggle to cap for the ExtrudeCrv command might be nice. Of course, as a newbie this may exist and I’m just missing it.

Set Solid=Yes in ExtrudeCrv and if the curve is closed and planar the extrusion will be capped at both ends.

Hi CalypsoArt - extruding from the choices in the Solid menu and toolbars Rhino will try to make capped objects where that makes sense and from the Surface menu, extrusions will be left open. Either way, as David poiints out, you can control this via the command line Solid=Yes/No toggle.


Yep Solid-Yes was what I wanted.