Is there a real time render plug-in that sync with perspective view?

I’m looking for something like livesync in Lumion. But is there a plug-in that’s built in Rhino? Like the arnold renderer in Maya where you can sync the render preview of perspective in real time.

Raytraced is based on Cycles (from Blender) - that is built into Rhino since Rhino 6. Since Rhino 7 Cycles also powers Rhino Render. Raytraced is Rhino Render where Raytraced is the viewport version, and Rhino Render is the final production render.

Raytraced does not sync with my perspective right? I’m looking for a plug in where I can have two viewports of persective at once. One is for render mode, the other one is shaded mode. And in the two viewports the perspective sync with each other. Like when I rotate one view the other one rotates too. Like the image shown below.

Download Lumion LiveSync for Rhino – Lumion - User Support

I think this image explains better. I do get access to Lumion but I don’t want to run Lumion everytime I open Rhino. That’s why I’m wondering if there’s a plugin or something inside Rhino.

Hi Rachel -

FWIW, You can easily set that up with a floating viewport with the Raytraced display mode and TestMooCow to link that with the perspective viewport in Shaded mode:
2023-11-17 Raytraced-sync



still not working on mac :vulcan_salute:

Hi @encephalon, very quick hack script result on mac: (1.9 KB)

Works only with perspective views, best if they have same size. To stop it, just run the script again. Note to stop it before opening another doc. I did not test Raytraced…



Thank you so much! This is exactly what I’m looking for!

Have you checked Enscape?

Not advertising it or anything. It’s subscription based. Yet it is better integrated into Rhino than those standalone renderers like Lumion.
It has a tool to live sync the Rhino and Enscape camera.

Yea Enscape is good for interior and architecture but Lumion works better for large area of planting.

Hi Rachel

If you have a VR headset, give it a try, you van sync with Rhino with a native plugin (free - no bug) works with V7 & V8.

Just need to drag and drop the RhinoVR.rhp file and type RhinoVR.

Works with any kin of settings (rendered + sunlight …)

Walkthrough is really well done, on single joystick (left) is necessary, to go back and forth top and down just pointing to a target, clever
I’m trying to configure the right joystick to rotate view, but not supposed to, as the only thing you need is to turn your head…

You can edit the file, change render mode while VR is processing.
Showing clients different options…

Unhappily, you can’t display on feedback screen of what the headset user is seeing.
So you cannot use the joystick instead of your client.
He must get use to the joystick.
Not obvious for all.

I spent 4 hours searching for native VR support in Rhino
That’s why I’m reporting this thread.

In many render programs (Luminous I think and many others, walkthrough is “stupid” because you jump from one place to another, as if you were a rabbit :slight_smile: )
I use D5 render, not because of its render, but for its simplicity and price.
No add.
But VR is still not working…

The best VR experience I have had is Blender native support.
You display the feedback VR headset & joystick positions and the camera target !

Hope my thread will be useful for many
Hope The plug in will be continued and improved
Hope Rhino will new real-time render engine.
No need for other pieces of software.

Best regards

Thank you so much for sharing the script! Any idea how to make it work in Rhino8 on Mac? (For Rhino7 it worked as shown in the video)

Command: _-ScriptEditor
Select Option ( Edit Run Open )R
Path of script to run ( Browse )B
Compile Error
Missing parentheses in call to ‘print’. Did you mean print(ex)? (Error )

Hi @Anna_Rienhardt,

i have only tested it in Rhino 7 on Mac. If you want to try to run it from the new script editor in Rhino 8, you can try to add this as the first line of the script as it is written in IronPython not Python:

#! python 2


Hi Clement, thank you so much for the quick assistance and even better: it actually worked! i’m so happy! thank you again:)

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