Raytraced viewport what are the must haves and best way for such?

what is best free software to have for creating realistic view lighting etc , having heard of raytracing and support for my CUDA GTX970 ?

Any links to well spoken ‘queens english’ good easy to follow tutorials welcome.



I believe your best bet is to export your model to Blender and render it there using the same technology @nathanletwory brought to Rhino6 (Cycles Renderer)

If you do decide to give Blender a go do get the 2.80 version (even though it is in beta still). I have written an importer for 3dm files, and I have created a theme and keymap that try to mimic Rhino.

And indeed, as @ivelin.peychev mentioned, the Cycles Renderer in Blender is pretty much the same as in Rhino (with some modifications of my own, and a bit older version).

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I have now Blender for mesh editing, I think it also has other advantages so this seems to be one !
I wish though these progs all shared Rhinos navigational controls,

Can blender be set up to have the naviagtion of the 3D world as per rhino defaults ?

My brain just cant adapt to different methods in meshlab blender meshmixer and so on.


:slight_smile: I requested the same thing a while ago.
Blender is highly customizable so if you simply spend some time in the options you can configure it as close as possible.

There is hope yet , I realy would be most grateful if you could post a screen dump of your settings…pleeeeeze :slight_smile:
I have run out of time after 4 days of wall to wall testing of these progs and need to be able to navigate blender tonight but gave up on the nav controls.



Unfortunately I haven’t used Blender for years. Blender itself has evolved quite a lot. If I had any saved settings they are either deleted or won’t work anymore.

@Steve1 for Blender 2.80 I keep a repository for the key map and the UI theme here:

I could also add my startup .blend, so that also the initial view of Blender looks more like Rhino with 4 viewports:


And here the importer for rhino files into Blender: https://github.com/jesterKing/import_3dm


That is awesome look. Great job @nathanletwory

Nathan, any idea when will Blender 2.80 will be released (as beta) on steam?

I’ve just updated the keymap to work with latest Blender 2.80, tweaked the UI theme a little (selecting text in a number field gave a black box in the number field, didn’t work so well :wink: ) and also added a .blend file one can use to seed their own startup state.

I think the guy doing the Steam management only does releases, no betas.

But really, builder.blender.org/download is all you need.

Done :slight_smile:

just one difference from the instructions it is not Edit->Preferences->Input but Keymap

Uhm, :thinking: @nathanletwory, how do you drag with the new keymap?

Right, I hardly ever tweak, I’m a GSR (grab, scale, rotate shortkeys) kinda guy.

Anyway, I pushed a fix for that: alt+LMB drag is now tweak instead of RMB drag.

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