Is there a module that outputs the build time?

I’m experimenting with galapagos on some complex geometry. I was just using a random number for fitness, as I’m only looking for aesthetics and nothing quantitative. Not surprisingly to me, the worst case genome combinations are resulting in some long build times, so I’m thinking I should use an expression that includes build time to evolve toward an ideal build time, whatever I decide that is.

The question is, is there a way that I can use build time in an expression?

Looks like it’s a stumper. In case it helps someone else in the future, I think what I will do is mimic build time by summing things like the number of sides on the polygon in the sketch and numbers of pattern instances to still quantify how complicated a combination of features is.

You migh find something useful here:

That c# script by @andheum is really nice.

(here something related, total canvas time Save profiler running time )

Thank you very much, I’ll be sure to investigate that info.

I thought of another advantage to my workaround, which is it allows me to quantify approximate build load without doing the complete build, this way only the animation of the slider for jpg output takes the full build time, and I can disable the final few very taxing components when I first run galapagos only to populate the data recorders.

This stuff is very cool.

I do have another question right now, but I’ll do the right thing and put it in it’s own thread.

Thanks again!