Save profiler running time

I’m looking for a way to save the sum up the running time, as shown by the Profiler, of some components in the GH file.
Can’t find any thread, or something even close to that.
As an alternative, it is possible to save the whole file running time?

The problem is that i’m running a loop of solutions (controlled by sliders). Each slider value can influence greatly the time it takes to solve the whole file. So i want to record this time.

Any hints?
-A. (13.1 KB)

This small c# script uses a stopwatch to measure how much time (milliseconds) passed since the last time it computed.
It auto-expire itself at every solution to make this possible (turn it off when you don’t use it).

See the last panel: first two values were an editing in Radius slider, last two were during changes in Offset slider…

Thanks @maje90!!
It can be useful, but i need to test it thoroughly.
I run you file changing the sliders automatically and some records were done that i’m not sure where they came from. Also any event (like clicking on GH canvas) triggers the script and then it is almost impossible to know to which alternative the results belong.

Thanks again,

Actually the script always auto-restart itself.

Clicking on the canvas should not trigger anything…

Anyway, yes, this is a draft… just for concept.

This is measuring time blindly, without evaluating the rest of the canvas.
If you want you could connect every variable (sliders or else) also to the script, so it can track down “who” triggered the last recompute time.