Is there a mapping between Surface and UV mapping?

Hey guys, I wanted to have the power of both, surface mapping (get the texture fit to the edges of the surface) and UV projection, to have it projected vertically, so I can adjust it better in 2D via Photoshop and have no distortion.
Is there a workaround?

Hi Hannes,
You can imagine planar mapping and also the default UV layout as preset states of the flattened UV mesh.
But this secondary representation of your render-mesh can actually take any form you wish.

Inside the UV-Editor you can use any of Rhinos tool to deform the Vertex-Layout of the flattened UV mesh – this will consequently drive the texture appearance on your Nurbs model. I used Maelström on the UV-mesh to illustrate the case – using similar principles you should be able to massage the mesh vertices to the locations you need for your model.

In case your model is a polysurface you could create a somewhat simplified single-surface-version of your model or create a mesh representation of the model inside any mesh modeller and use this geometry to drive the texture projection via the Custom Object option – it’s essentially a texture baking operation between objects with deviating (render) mesh vertex count. Hope this helps a bit.

Grüße aus Kreuzberg, Holger


Wow @hifred! Holger 1000 Dank for this in-depth evaluation of the different approaches. Beste Gruesse vom Hackischen Markt! :slight_smile:

Glad you found this useful :o)