Is there a manage function for Groups like there is for Blocks?

Trying to use the Group function for assemblies. If I create a Group and name it, I can not find anywhere when I select the Group that Rhino will show me the name of that Group? I would expect something to be listed in the Properties? It would be nice to have a function like BlockManager where a list of all Groups are displayed and if I want to find where a certain Group name, it will highlight where that is in the model for me? Anyone have some knowledge on this?

Hello - these may help-



Hi Pascal,

I know all those commands. What I am looking for is if I select an object in a Group can I get the name from it listed somewhere in Rhino like in the Properties? Also Can I get a list of Group names and then select from that list and it will highlight the geometry that is that Group?

I have a Company that is working on a project and is going to have 2900 Groups of assemblies they are going to need to keep track of and manage.


Hi Rick -

SelGroup does this.

You can in the Details of Properties, or the What command:


Thanks Pascal. You are most helpful as usual