Is there a good way to get rid of the seam of this revolved curve?

If you revolve a single curve that converges to the axis of the revolution, you’ll end up with a seam on a surface that could potentially be removed, but is there a good way to do this that still preserves the original integrity of the surface?

2019.07.26_mcneelforum_01.3dm (124.1 KB)

Visually yes, “physically” no. There’s bunch of posts about this issue on here. Just search for it.

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That seam shows how it’s made, out of a single surface.

Changing to another display mode, such as Rendered would hide it.

Depending on the object, you might be able to rebuild it with the seam, in this case, with one that goes around the perimeter, but there will still be a seam.

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Have a read through the PDF linked to this forum post.
It does a good job of explaining NURBS and why your revolve has a Seam and Singularities:

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In your “Display” panel you can uncheck “show tangent edges” for any current display mode, to fix it visually. The seam will always be there, but hidden.