Is There a 2 in 1 (or x360) that can run rhino 3d modeling fairly smoothly?

Because of school i need a very portable solution for rhino that can also have touch/pen (no separate graphic tablet i.e Wacom Intuos-type device) capability for other tasks.

I don’t need a machine for the rendering as i have one available, just the modeling.

I was thinking about an HP pavillion x360 14-dw1000sl, is it viable?

Hi @Mrtizio,

I don’t know about today’s hardware, but just as example to show it can be done, I still use one of the original 2015 Surface Books with touch and pen for Rhino, GIMP etc. It works fine, provided you don’t expect to render on it, Like you, I have another machine for that.

I would add that I have only detached the screen once: the whole laptop is small and light enough to obviate the need to split it and I just don’t feel the need. Also, the Nvidia graphics controller is in the base, so as a tablet it downgrades to Intel graphics.