Is RhinoScriptSyntax being actively developed?

Question is regarding the github repo.
Is this the same one installed and used in Rhino6?

If it is can I suggest additional scripts to be added inside?

Yes that is the repository of scripts that are included with Rhino.

This is the place to submit wishes and suggestions for any part or Rhino and Grasshopper. You can see the rhinoscriptsyntax related requests that have not been implemented yet at{All%20Users}%20

Thanks Steve,

I think I didn’t express myself properly. I meant actually providing the code not just making suggestions. Is that possible directly in Github or is there some other mechanism?

This is what forking and submitting pull requests is all about on github. I would suggest reading the Bootcamp section here

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Is there a way to force RhinoPythonEditor to use my RhinoScriptSyntax local repository clone instead of its default one? So I can test without making the changes directly to the original folder and avoid backing up everything.

Hi Ivelin,
I think if you go into the editor --> Tools --> Options --> File and add the directory containing your local clone to the top of the search path then it should use your clone in place of the default.
Then you can simply drop that path to the bottom of the list when you want to switch back to the default module.

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Thanks I’ll try this.