Updating rhinoscriptsyntax

Hi Roland and Steve, i´m having a similar issue keeping the rhinoscriptsyntax files up to date. To update the 27 syntax files i´m using an automated download script which is using hardcoded file names. I´ve been using WinHTTP, it was not the fastest but it supports https. To download without copy&paste, the script accesses the raw page:

gitURL = "https://raw.github.com/mcneel/rhinopython/master/scripts/rhinoscript/"

Note that the script overwrites existing files in the user definable destination directory. I usually save in a temp folder, then overwrite the originals manually when Rhino is closed. @stevebaer while this helps to update files more comfortable, it lacks the ability to keep track of new files which you might add in the future. Could you please add some kind of index file holding all rhinoscriptsyntax (*.py) filenames ? This way i might be able to change my update process and build URLs from names in the (updated) index files. I guess this would work for different extensions too.