Is it possible to use a specific shape as offset mesh?

Hello! My script currently looks like that:

Instead of simple cubes, I would like to use my own shape to generate the offset mesh. It’s now a 2D shape (see the linked curve), but also can be extruded if it’s better to have a 3D shape for that. It’s fine if it looks a bit weird in the end, it would just be great to include the shape somehow.

Does anyone know how to do that? I would be very thankful for help.

Here are the used files:
base.3dm (2.6 MB) (7.5 KB)


You can use Mesh boolean with Legacy grasshopper component. But i recommend using Dendro to do that.

Hey, thank you! I just tried it this way:

Do you have an idea how to let it work?

The error on the first dendro component will be because you haven’t provided dendro settings

Thank you for your answer. Then this happens:

Or does the mesh first be converted?

  • Is everything in the libraries folder? DendroAPI.dll, DendroGH.gha, tbb.dll, tbbmalloc.dll should all be in the libraries folder. Also make sure they are all unblocked.

  • Have you disabled COFF? Type in “GrasshopperDeveloperSettings” in the Rhino command prompt, make sure “Memory load *.GHA assemblies using COFF byte arrays” is unchecked.

  • Are you on a Mac? Dendro works only on windows systems.

Oh, probably the problem is then that I work with macOS. What would be the best solution for me?

unfortunately, dual boot with bootcamp or get a windows pc. i get a lot of requests for a mac version of dendro, but it is not an easy undertaking. it would require a rewrite of a lot of the code. since it is using openvdb c++ code, it isn’t simple to make the plugin work on both pc and mac.

This is the current state of the script: (18.8 KB)

I would still have the following questions:
• How can the amount of the extrusion be set manually? Currently, it always adjusts to a cube.
• Currently the shapes are randomly rotated 180 degrees. How can it be totally random from -360 to 360 in 1 degree increments?
• Is there a way to morph together some edges to have it more organic? Maybe to have it a bit similar like this?

Would be very thankful for help!

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