Is it possible to move the grid relative to the origin?

I have been finding it frustrating that I am only working in one quarter of the grid say 0,0 to 100,100 but the other 3 quarters of the grid are still visible.

Is it to have the start at the origin and grow in the X, Y directions for example? so that 0,0 is not always the centre of the grid?

You can pan in the viewport to move the location of the origin origin to anywhere you wish.

The grid is just a drawing aid. It does not affect the model.The model can extend outside the grid if desired. The grid can be resized in DocumentProperties though it always has the origin centered. You can also turn the grid off.


Thanks. Panning isn’t relevant. I just need the grid to not be centred but as you have said this is not supported by Rhino.

Thanks again for the response.


Create a new CPlane off-center.

Nvm, I see this is not what you meant.

What is the reason for the needing the grid to be “off center”?

If it is for display purposes create a custom “grid” by drawing a line along one side of the desired grid, Rotate with Copy=Yes for the second side. Then Array each line to fill in the rest of the grid.

No, I don’t believe that’s possible.