Is it possible to listen explode event?

Hi everyone! I wonder that if I can listen to explode event specifically? Or it is only possible to listen remove and add Object events caused by the explode operation? Thanks.

not sure 100% but i think this is the starting-point:

did you try to subscribe to …?

remember RuntimeSerialNumber if command is explode before the command

if the last englisch command name was explode…
the result was sucess…

check for new objects with RuntimeSerialNumber

kind regards -tom

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Hi @Tom_ ! Thanks for the answer. I managed to listen to explode event with your directives. Here is the configuration:

Added following line to OnIdle:
Rhino.Commands.Command.BeginCommand += csEventHandler.onBeginCommand;

onBeginCommand function:

internal static void onBeginCommand(object sender, CommandEventArgs e)
            if(e.CommandEnglishName == "Explode")
                // do before explode ..